Providing remote IT support to our customers.

Our Helpdesk Consultants ensure that our service is delivered efficiently and effectively, for minimal downtime and maximum results.

If onsite IT support is required, our consultants streamline requests to the customers designated Technical Consultant.


Technical Consultants

Providing onsite IT support to our customers.

Our Technical Consultants resolve issues involving tangible assets or remote IT support escalation.

As our customers are assigned a designated Technical Consultant, they have a comprehensive understanding of the individual company’s systems and processes.


Platforms & Projects

The highest IT support escalation point at ADITS.

Our Platforms and Projects Team provide IT support to team members with systems and network requests, as well as maintaining the design and integrity of customer’s software systems and implementing software solutions.

They also complete all major upgrades, installations and restorations during customers out-of-office hours to minimise downtime and increase productivity.


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We provide IT Support Australia wide.

Talk to one of our technical specialists to find out how we can provide IT support for you and your business, today.

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