Our Team

Managing Director – Ashley Darwen

Ashley started ADITS when he was just 20 years old in his hometown of Bowen. Beginning with just one customer, he has continued to grow and expand the business to what it is today.

Ashley oversees all aspects of the business, which, when servicing Queensland wide, requires extensive travel time. If he’s not driving then he’s flying, regularly visiting our customers from Brisbane through to Cairns.

In his ‘downtime’ (classic IT reference), Ashley’s two children, Tom and Heidi and wife, Leah continue to keep him busy between school, sport and weekend adventures.

Ashley Darwen

Service Delivery Manager – Chris Grasso

Grasso is one of those typical Aussie blokes that ends up just going by his last name. Being in the business since 2010, he has a comprehensive understanding of our processes to guarantee quality service to all customer types.

As our service delivery manager, he is responsible for overseeing the activities of the service desk team, whilst also providing high-level technical assistance to both the team and customers.

Although many would agree that this is only part-time, with his full-time role involving dodgeball fights, waste paper bin basketball and providing quality banter in the workplace.

Chris Grasso

Finance and Human Resource Manager – Staci Yarrow

After the arrival of her precious baby, Flynn, Staci has returned as our Finance and HR Manager. She is the lady who sends the 15 forms, each with 40 pages that must be filled out, signed, dated and scanned back in upon employment.

As the only Mum in our workplace, of course she is the one we trust with the money, managing and overseeing our accounts and providing necessary financial advice.

With 9 years industry experience she ensures a smooth transition through the recruitment process to employment and continues to work towards achieving our financial goals, both short and long term.

Helpdesk Manager – Regan Vaudrey

If you have ever rang ADITS, you would’ve been greeted by someone saying, ‘Welcome to ADITS, this is Regan’!

He is the first point of call for all customer enquiries and is either able to provide support himself, or refer customers to their designated account manager or consultant.

He also ensures that service is delivered within the relevant time period to allow for minimal downtime with maximum results.

Regan Vaudrey

Marketing/Media Manager – Shannon Willcox

Shannon is the youngest member of our management team, but still manages to convince Ashley to agree with her on most things, including awkward posing for magazine photoshoots.

She is responsible for the creation and monitoring of all content on social media platforms and our website. She also works with external publications and advertising agencies to promote the company within other business circles.

Her main goals are to increase brand awareness through establishing an on-line presence and being present throughout Queensland and our office location communities.

Shannon Willcox

Executive Assistant – Hayley Hughes

It’s hard to believe, but we actually found someone who wanted to take on the role of organising and knowing the whereabouts of our entire staff team, across 3 office locations in all working hours.

Since joining the team in 2016, Hayley’s role has continued to expand across all aspects of the business.

As well as organising and scheduling daily activities, she now wears many other hats and is the first point of call for orders and inventory, and assists with customer roadmaps and quotes.

Hayley Hughes

Wayne Darrell – Platform Operations Manager

Have you ever been so stuck on a task that you don’t know what is going on, let alone what to do next? That’s when we call Wayne. He is the brains behind the majority of our service operations and is always assigned the customers with the most complex systems and processes.

Wayne has been working with ADITS for three years, providing an efficient service for all customers and immeasurable support and guidance for our team.

Wayne is also dedicated to continuing to expand his knowledge and skill set, attending almost all training sessions and workshops, except for when it clashes with the cricket.

Wayne Darrell

Technical Consultants:

What do a DJ, drummer and drag racer have in common? They are all Technical Consultants at ADITS. Breaking the stereotype of IT nerds, our team are a diverse bunch of individuals who provide consistent quality service for our customers.

They are knowledgeable and highly trained within the information technology industry, providing long-term solutions to all possible problems.

As each consultant is assigned to a customer, they have a comprehensive understanding of the individual company’s systems and processes to provide both onsite and remote support.

Tech Team


ADITS is proud to provide ambitious and motivated individuals with the opportunity to begin their career in IT.

Noah Frey, our young trainee, fits this bill perfectly, and is currently completing a Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking. Working at ADITS allows him to study whilst gaining hands on experience and earning an income.

He hopes that once completing his traineeship, he will continue to develop his skills and further his qualifications at ADITS, to eventually work whilst travelling the world.

Noah Frey