Technology contingency plan helpline open for Queensland business community

Technology contingency plan helpline open for Queensland business community

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The number of reported cases of Coronavirus, COVID-19, has wreaked havoc across Queensland, creating panic and uncertainty of the times to come. ADITS are aware of the technology barriers that are inhibiting the business community from working remotely. They want to provide their assistance and have created a helpline specifically to provide businesses with a contingency plan.

This plan provides businesses with options, ensuring that they can continue working remotely and at full capacity, with no impact upon workplace productivity. The plan will cover all bases, including remote access, internet connections bandwidth review and security, as well as communications and support options.

Managing Director Ashley Darwen is aware that most business contingency plans cater for events such as natural disasters, with a pandemic being unchartered territory. “We want to support our community by providing a means for them to continue operations remotely. This helpline is purely to alleviate stress and minimise panic by giving our business community to give them some options.”

This plan will also provide staff who are classified as high risk with the flexibility to self-isolate, should they need to. This is expected to alleviate stress for both business owners and fellow colleagues.
Businesses are encouraged to call the helpline on 0747 599 428 to begin discussing their options.

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