ADITS was chosen by our school to offer a comprehensive IT service to a large system and network, servicing 1000 students and 170 staff members. We wanted a flexible daily service to meet the needs and IT urgencies of our school, as well as a booking system to saturate support at key times, so we could provide quality teaching and learning from the commencement of each term and year.

At the beginning of 2018, the ADITS team saturated support to have mobile labs, standalone labs, interactive whiteboards and numerous computers for teachers, ready for day 1. This required the setup of over 130 devices within our school. The service meant that we were able to operate from the commencement of the year with our devices, with no down time for these resources or delays for our teaching staff. Without the team from ADITS, this would have taken a significant number of weeks and they were able to complete the work to an outstanding quality within 2-3 working days.

ADITS’ service allows us to respond, source and sought emerging issues with IT, and collaborate with the helpdesk appropriately and timely. Problems are not shelved and instead the ADITS approach allows for systems, devices and any other problems to be resolved, quickly and effectively.

We have found the customer service delivery to be outstanding. The team work as part of our school team and are personable, approachable and provide troubleshooting which then builds the capacity of staff to fix minor issues.

This is now the second school that I have worked with using ADITS, and I find the service to successfully meet the daily and emergent IT challenges in a school context. I highly recommend ADITS to others who are wanting a consistent, flexible and friendly service and an assurance that the technicians are qualified orange card holders and their work, quality assured.


Helen McCullough