About US

In 2006, ADITS entered the technology market as a support company with just one employee and one customer. The company established a strong reputation for being a trusted source of technology advice and support for businesses in all industries.

Today, ADITS has grown to become North Queensland’s largest and most trusted IT Managed Service Provider by currently supporting over 5000 users. ADITS dedicated staff are the reason for the company's success, continuing to strive for excellence with three core values: customer first, consistency and teamwork.


    We build long term relationships with all our customers by providing tailored products and services to suit individual needs.

  • Consistency

    ADITS supplies quality hardware, software and ongoing, 24/7 support to all our customers, all the time.

  • TEAM

    With our team of 30 certified technicians, ADITS can provide a team of experts whenever and wherever you need them.


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